Your vote counts!Anyone who enjoys riding a bike should participate, at least a little, in creating more and better places to ride. One of the wonderful things about living in America is the impact that an individual can have on the decisions that government makes about roads, bike paths and facilities. You can exercise the impact that you have to the benefit of all the cyclists in our community.


Fort Collins, with its well integrated on and off-street bicycle network, has a long history of deep and abiding commitment to bicycling. The League of American Bicyclists has named Fort Collins, Colorado a Bicycle-Friendly Community, following a detailed audit of the city’s efforts to provide safe accommodation and facilities for bicyclists and to encourage residents to bike for transportation and recreation. Through policy and design, Fort Collins has focused on increasing opportunities for physical activity and is a model in America’s efforts to reduce obesity.


We encourage you to check back here often, as we will be posting important information related to cycling in Fort Collins and Colorado. If you don’t already receive our emails, please sign up so we can inform you when we need your help. Last year we were able to postpone a ban on large cycling events. We will need your help again next year when this rule comes back up for review.

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