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Bicycle Fitting

Here at Lee’s, we believe a proper bike fit is essential to gaining the most performance, comfort, and enjoyment from your bike. Let us help you ride your bike longer and farther through the right fit process for you.

Sizing-Free with bike purchase

Lee’s Cyclery offers a free sizing with the purchase of any bike. create a safe and comfortable neutral position for the rider. All of our riders, from our cruisers to our commuters to our racers, benefit from the sizing. A sizing will take less than 30 minutes with any Lee’s Cyclery team member. A sizing is a great place to begin understanding how our certified fitters can help you enjoy your bike to the fullest.

Cleat Fitting - $40

A proper cleat fitting takes up to 30 minutes. Our fitters check the natural rotation of our riders feet and knees to help them get the most out of their rides and equipment. A cleat fitting with a certified fitter will address or prevent discomfort such as knee pain or foot numbness.

Basic Fit - $100

The quick fit focuses on a cleat fitting, ride analysis, and thorough setup of our rider’s bike and equipment. Our riders should plan to work with a fitter for around an hour to improve their riding position and overall riding experience.

Body Geometry Fit…$200

The Body Geometry Fit is our most extensive fit we offer. Body Geometry Fit is a proven system that requires our fitters to be certified from Specialized after specific training at Specialized Headquarters and a minimum number of qualifying practice fits. The customized process will take two to three hours with one of our certified fitters.

The Process:

  1. Interview. Our fitters work hard to create a trusting rapport and an understanding of the needs of the rider. (Consider removing first sentence)   The interview will focus on the rider’s needs and goals  through careful consideration of past experience, injuries, and possible limitations.  

  2. Physical Assessment.  Prior to the ride analysis, our fitters go through a 18 point physical assessment with their rider.  This assessment lets our fitters gain valuable understanding of the rider’s flexibility, foot and knee structure, and spinal needs.

  3. Ride Analysis.  Our fitters assess the rider on their bike from 360 degrees in order to optimize their position, riding experience, and equipment.

  4. Fitting.  Through a 15-step process, our fitters will customize your bike and equipment to fit your personal needs and specifications all the way from your hands to your toes.

  5. Follow Up.  The fit process can be just as focused on the dialogue between the rider and the fitter as on the measurements and adjustments.  Feedback from the rider and careful communication from the fitter are essential to getting the most enjoyment out of your bike.  

Please email fit@leescyclery.com for one of our certified fitters to assist you with any further questions.